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Services Offered

Boundary Dispute Resolution

If you have, or think you have, a boundary or right of way problem with a neighbour, then it can be difficult to know where to begin? I offer a service where new clients can call me for a free initial telephone consultation. If you then feel that you would like to proceed a little further, I then offer a site consultation of about one hour to discuss the problem, and to look at the site and any documents. I may do some basic measurement if we feel it necessary, and by the end I will give you an opinion as to how I feel you should deal with the problem. I will quote a fixed fee for this, and for any subsequent surveying work you feel you may need.

I can undertake very accurate site surveys, and am able to produce reports which will be acceptable in a court of law. I am an expert witness in maps and plans, and have testified in court.

Land Registry Conveyance and Lease Plans

HM Land Registry is now very specific about the quality of the plans that are required to accompany the documents when land is being sold or leased.

I specialise in producing new plans where land is being divided prior to sale, because I can undertake an accurate site survey to correctly position the new boundary on the plan(s).

When previously unregistered land is being submitted for new registration, I specialise in ensuring that the plan submitted represents the actual property size and shape on the ground.

Lease plans for commercial premises are also subject to the same quality requirements by HM Land Registry.

Commercial Property Area Measurement

Most commercial property leases require measurement of the floor area to the RICS specifications and standards.

For many years these have been measured as Gross External Area, Gross Internal Area and/or Net Internal Area, and also Net Sales Area. The RICS has now introduced the new International Property Measurement Standards for the measurement of offices, and will soon be introducing this for the measurement of Retail premises, Residential premises, and Industrial Warehousing, etc.

Some clients prefer the old GIA and NIA, and some have embraced the new IPMS, and some like their offices to be measured for both of these methods simultaneously.

Because of the methods of surveying and processing that I use for this, I can get very accurate results even when the walls are neither parallel nor square, and where walls are curved or elliptical, etc.

Building Floor Plans

I have extensive experience of producing building floor plans for other purposes than area measurement, such as fire escape/alarm/systems plans, or for providing a basic building layout for the recording of information relating to the building structure, or for mechanical and electrical systems and plant.

Generally, these plans show the walls (structural and false partitions), windows, doors, stairs and steps with handrails, and major fixtures and fittings; but additional information can be surveyed and shown as required.

Topographic Surveys

These are site plans with levels to show the height and slope of the ground. They can include a huge variety of different items and the agreed specification therefore needs to be very precise.

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